FlexSys is searching for several talented Design Engineers to join our team! We are looking for creative individuals with strong CAD skills and creative minds.  Projects will range from active-aerodynamics on multi-million dollar hypercars to morphing wings for military and commercial aircraft. Please send inquiries to David Hornick dhornick@flxsys.com

Aston Martin incorporates a FlexFoil morphing wing on their AM-RB 003 Hypercar.

“Arguably the most sophisticated, if not the coolest, aerodynamic element in the AM-RB 003 is the FlexFoil rear wing that can, according to Aston Martin, change the rearwing’s downforce without changing the wing’s angle.” - Top Speed

David Hornick, President and COO of FlexSys Inc. describes Aston Martin as being “laser focused from the start of our relationship, on achieving technical perfection in performance car systems and aerodynamics”. FlexSys Press Release here.

Professor Sridhar Kota founded FlexSys in 2001 to engineer and flight test his patented shape-changing aircraft wings in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory and NASA. The key to success is our unique approach to mechanical design by exploiting material elasticity – called distributed compliant design. Today, companies of all sizes across industries contract FlexSys to pursue innovation through the application of Compliant Design to create sophisticated mechanical motions without joints. Whether it is a clean-sheet design, or rethinking a current product, FlexSys has a creative team of engineers and a full suite of hardware and software tools that can help.

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“The system allows for the car’s downforce to be changed without changing the physical angle of the entire element, resulting in a seamless design with high performance, improved efficiency and reduced wind noise.”  - Aston Martin

Engineering with Elasticity



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Recipient 2015 Tibbetts Award

Recipient 2015 Tibbetts Award

Recipient National Science Foundation SBIR Grants

Recipient National Science Foundation SBIR Grants

Recipient Air Force SBIR Grants

Recipient Air Force SBIR Grants