FlexSys Featured in Professional Boatbuilder Magazine


February 01,2017 

The October/November 2016 issue Professional BoatBuilder magazine featured FlexSys technology in an article describing the ways that new technologies in aviation can be used in the boatbuilding industry. In particular, the author notes that the wing morphing technology used in aerospace applications can be applied to trim tab planes on boat hulls, which can control attitude of the hull with less sacrifice in drag than conventional trim tabs. From the article:

On some boats, rigid trim-tab planes hang off the transom below the waterline; on others, the tabs are recessed into the hull bottom, but when fully retracted they typically are flush with the adjacent surface, or slightly above parallel when transom hung. A flexible hull surface that could become concave might be more fuel efficient in producing bow-down attitude than dropping a recessed or transom-mounted trim plane into the water below the hull.

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