Active Surface Flow Control

FlexSys proprietary design motion amplifiers can be integrated with piezostack actuators to produce high frequency oscillations in micro vortex generators (VG) for active surface flow control applications. The resulting system is lightweight and consumes very low power for wide range of oscillation frequencies. Wind tunnel tests demonstrated the effectiveness of our FlexSys system in delaying the flow separation and extending the operation lift range.

Piezo-compliant actuators create a static or oscillatory mechanical disturbance in the boundary layer, and can be retracted so they are flush with the control surface when not in use.


FlexSys High Frequency Micro Vortex Generators (HiMVG)

FlexSys utilized its monolithic motion amplifier system to develop a high frequency micro vortex generator. This wind tunnel experiment demonstrates flow attachment at higher angles of attack as the HiMVG system energizes the boundary layer. Watch as Stall Condition occurs at 20 degrees when HiMVG is turned off. 

Stacked Monotlithic Motion Amplifiers 

An array of monolithic motion amplifiers driven by piezo actuators is used as high frequency micro vortex generators to energize the boundary layer. 


Active Vortex Generators for Lift Augmentation. US Patent 6,557,436 and others pending