Adaptive Compliant Grippers

Adaptive grippers have many uses for the handling of delicate objects where over compression might damage an objects surface, structural or internal integrity. Until now, "adaptive" has been synonymous with "complex" needing sensors and grippers made of rigid parts connected by pins and springs. A Compliant Adaptive Gripper can be a single, monolithic structure with gripping forces distributed throughout structure not to exceed a given requirement. And with no assembly required, think of the miniaturization that is possible.

It is now entirely possible that, with proper design, grippers can be jointless, 3D printed and disposable. Displayed here are an array of thought provoking concepts that can reduce cost and complexity. Contact us today with your requirements, or interest in licensing.

Expanding Gripper.gif

Expansion Gripper

WIth just a few parts and optimized compliant beam springs, a compliant adaptive gripper for internal contact. OR?..

Shown here in 3D printed materials, best in spring steel.

Patent Pending


Iris Gripper

This 3D printed IRIS adapts to shapes and grips with spring force dictated by material and subtle differences in the beam shape. Could be tuned for constant force/pressure throughout travel.

Patented and available for license


Compliant Fingers

Our client needed a inexpensive adaptive gripper that could be made in high volume and adapt between their products. These injection molded monolithic fingers seamlessly fit with existing actuation.

Let us design an adaptive gripper for you.