FlexWorks™ Software

Existing software was not up to the challenge, so FlexSys uses proprietary, in-house developed, software for identifying optimum configurations, as well as the general shape and size of structural elements while ensuring the manufacturability, reliability and energy efficiency of the target design. To verify the performance of the selected compliant system designs, FlexSys maintains a suite of computer-aided engineering software, including ANSYS, Matlab, CATIA, and Unigraphics, to simulate three- and four-dimensional non-linear elasticity, structure-to-structure contact, and structural dynamics.


We teamed with the National Science Foundation to bring compliant design to the mainstream and developed FlexWorks™, a demonstration level desktop distributed compliant design tool, and the new demonstration software FlexWorksOnline™. a cloud-based design tool that helps reduce motion translation to a single device.



This tool will generate conceptual single-part mechanisms and motion amplifiers. It uses a compliant design solver approach invented by FlexSys Founder and UofM Mechanical Engineering professor Sridhar Kota, and it’s primarily meant to help reduce parts and assembly cost. Click on the link below to try it and make something. Your feedback will be invaluable to the project and this on-going software development!

Want More Power?

Download the desktop version of FlexWorks™.
To create make FlexWorksOnline work for everyone, we set nearly all the options to defaults. If you are technical or a professional, you can download the original and fully operational version of FlexWorks™. Choose materials, input your own material properties, select different solvers, and more. Learn more at download at www.FlexToFunction.com


Challenging Application?

Let's talk! We may surprise you with the mechanism problems we can solve. You can send us your mechanism, or give us an outline of requirements. Then together we can apply a mechanical design methodology so advanced, we had to create our own software.