FlexSys Inc. was founded in 2000 by Dr. Sridhar Kota to develop and commercialize his patented design of a shape-morphing adaptive control surface of an airfoil. As a professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan (1987-present), Dr. Kota initiated research in compliant mechanisms in the 1990s and pioneered the bio-inspired concept of Distributed Compliance. FlexSys developed proprietary software for creation and optimization of compliant systems and successfully demonstrated the application of compliant design methods for aerospace, automotive and other applications over the years. Today, FlexSys is an established world leader in shape-adaptive structures.

FlexSys' core expertise lies in its unique approach to design of mechanical systems using Compliant Design principles for a wide variety of applications including shape morphing and advanced actuators. Almost any product can be considered for a no-assembly design approach using compliant mechanisms. In addition to its proprietary software tools, FlexSys has a suite of commercial CAD/CAE tools for advanced modeling and analysis and extensive experience with materials, manufacturing techniques, and control systems for fabrication and testing of functional prototypes.